As of 2011, I have become quite the busy baker but I must admit I have not always been the most "loyal" baker.  I was one of those kinds of bakers who considered box cake as the best cake you could get.  Turns out that I learned the hard way that I was way beyond the wrong mark.

In about March 2011 I jumped right into baking.  I was baking for 10 days, a new cake everyday, and I expanded my baking skills to a whole new level.  I first baked the 1-2-3-4 Lemon Cake (the top photo showed) as my Grand Opening cake.  And from then on it continued, not just until by birthday but even the day after.  I made a sour-cream raspberry cake with lemon curd in the center and cream cheese frosting and topped with raspberries, that is one mouthful.

Some of the newer things that I have been doing is making ice cream , which I am still new too, but it is a great learning process and it is quite tasty.  I might even be posting soon with some new recipes possibly...

Now everything I do is homemade, from the bread I toast in the morning to the peanut butter I top it with. Everything is made in the kitchen.  No boxes, cans, or mixes are allowed in the pantry.  Even our cheese is now being made in the kitchen.  Our ingredients come from all of the local organic farmers, from our fruits and vegetables to our honey and eggs.  Everything is local, fresh, all natural, and most importantly homemade.    Everyday we are re-creating and re-thinking the whole definition to what it means to be a baker.  I hope I encourage all of you to do the same.

It has been such an experience and I am so grateful that I have a family supporting me and helping me eat all of this cake I have been making.  Their smiles and comments make all of the time worthwhile.