Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Spring!

Who ever could have guessed that winter would go by so fast?  It was just yesterday when the driveway was covered with a thick blanket of snow, and now all the little green buds are starting to pop!  I centainly did not see that coming.  Although, I must say I did miss the farmers market.  Good thing it's Spring!

Lots has happened in the Cake Chick household since my last post.  Birthdays, holidays, and new cakes baking up like crazy.  This is a very exciting time.  Our new cakes this year are the Red Velvet and Bam!-nana.  Our Red Velvet is made with a homemade food coloring made from fruits to make it all the more special.  Also, to add to a little signature to the Bam!-nana cake, we are introducing something new to our Sparkle collection.  Now, not only do we have our Sparkle Blueberries and Sparkle Strawberries, but we have Sparkle Walnuts!   I must say, they really are the icing on the Bam!-nana cake (no pun intended).   To get through the cold winter months with some flavor, we were using tons of nuts to fufilled our desire.  Along with the walnuts, we have also been using almonds to step things up a notch.  Do you see where this is going?  Bearclaws! Trays and trays of Bearclaws.  This really made the cold months seem like a breeze.  Let's not forget our favorite ingredient...vanilla bean.  Used in just about every recipe, vanilla bean has really transformed our baking into a real treat.  Although many people don't think ice cream in the middle of April, I do; especially vanilla bean.  Also if you take a close look at the Bearclaws, you will see the delicious addition of vanilla bean.  There's our Spring... Check it out!

Double Chocolate Cake with Sparkle Berries

The Lovely Red Velvet Cake with Sparkle Berries

Bam!-nana Cake with Sparkle Walnuts

More Delicous Bam!-nana Cake...

Trays and trays of tasty Bearclaws...

Extremely Flavorful Crostata de Marmellata

Easter Brunch

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