Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome to Spring

To begin the new spring season, lots of baking has been taking place to get ready for summer.  Including many new breads and cakes.  Brioche is one of the many new items that has entered the kitchen.  When making Brioche there is much you can do with the dough.  You could just make an amazing loaf of brioche if you wish, but there is also many other delicious possibilities.  What I decided to do was make Pain au Chocolat.  This is a lovely French pastry made with brioche dough, pastry cream, and rich dark chocolate.  Simply wonderful.  Another dough that we have been kneading together is for Torta Rolls.  These are the perfect sandwich rolls.  They are smooth, fluffy, and soft.  What a great combination!  Our classic Country White and Golden Raisin Dried Cherry Pecan Bread has also been a huge hit.  Our cakes have been going off the wall to many birthdays this season.  Red Velvet, Chocolate, and Lemon have been coming out of the oven non-stop.   The aroma is spreading like the spring flowers.   Welcome to Spring!

The Lovely Brioche

Pain Au Chocolat

Our Beautiful Torta Rolls

Classic Country White and Golden Raisin Dried Cherry Pecan Bread

Red Velvet and Vanilla Bean Buttercream with Berries

Our Famous Chocolate Cake

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